22 days of
Pro Bicycle Racing

Epic Grand Tour coming to the United States

22 Days of Racing

For three weeks the USA Grand Tour will race the greater part of the United States from the bold Northwest to the deep South making history while travelling through it.

2200+ Miles

The distance alone is daunting, but the race may face scorching deserts, relentless headwinds, pelting rain, frosty mountains...cruel nature at breakneck speeds!

Over 180,000' of Climbing

Whether racing in the Sierra Nevada, Appalachian, Cascade, or Rocky Mountains, no peak will come easy day after day for the peloton.

Finally a US Grand Tour

After 200 Years of Bicycling

...and 113 years of grand tours the United States will soon have a multi-day stage race to rival the Tour De France, Giro D'Italia & Vuelta Espagna!

Men's Race


Women's Race



What will it take?

4000+ People

Organizers - World Tour Teams - Media Giants - Many Partners - Suppliers - Cooperation - Licenses - Permits

What else?

Jumbotrons, Media, Security, Medical Services, Hotels, TV Broadcasts, Cameras, Satellites, Planes, Helicopters, Cars, Motorcycles, Signs, Barriers, Food, Clothing, Spectators, Fans, Calories...lots of calories.